We’ve a great range of draught beers and ciders: Heineken, Birra Moretti, Carling, Lagunitas IPA, Beavertown Neck Oil, Guinness, Woodpecker, Strongbow Original and Strongbow Dark Fruits.


In bottles, we have: Peroni, Corona, Sol, Budweiser, Desperados, Lech, Newcastle Brown Ale and Kopparberg.


On cask right now:

Darwin Plum Harvest Porter 5%

GNEB Big Rivet 5% (Rivet Catcher’s big brother)

Bad Seed Burn Rate 4.2%

Twice Brewed Pax 4.4% (Modern Pale)

Cullercoats Grace Darling Gold 5%

Alnwick Amarillo 3.9%

All of our ales are suitable for vegans unless otherwise stated.

Craft Cider

Duddas’s Tun Hop Grenade 5.7% (Dry)

Dudda’s Tun Cherry 4% (Sweet)

Crest Cider Co Milly 6% (Medium)

Oliver’s Classic Perry 6% (Sweet)

Ross On Wye 2018 Oak Cask 7.1%

Olivers Wild Farmhouse 6.5%

Hallets National Treasure 5% (Sweet)

Dunkerkeston’s Black Fox 6% (Med/Dry)

Ross On Wye Michelin SVC 7.2%

Hallets Rum Cask 5%

Olivers Traditional Cider 6.2%

Farmer Jim’s Rhubarb Bob 4% (keg)