19 July 2021

We’re making some changes that’ll affect your experience at the Schooner, in line with the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions from 19 July.

So, if you’d like to order drinks, and food, at the bar, that’s fine. You can drink while standing too.

If you feel uncomfortable with that, just let us know and we’ll serve you at your table.

If you’d rather not wear a face covering inside the pub, you don’t need to. But please continue to wear one if that’ll make you feel safer.

If you’re uncertain about the change in regulations, about what is and isn’t allowed, ask us; we’ll do our best to help.

17th May

In line the Government’s plans, we’ll extend our reopening to indoor service from Monday 17th May.

There are still some rules we need to follow: There’ll be no service at the bar, just at tables. Face coverings must be worn inside the pub, unless you’re seated. And social distancing must be observed, with no groups larger than six indoors.

We don’t like to make things complicated, so we’re still not taking table bookings. Well, unless: 1. You want to take part in our Wednesday night quiz. 2. You’re celebrating a special occasion.

We’ll run this until 21st June, when we’ll potentially be fully running as a pub again.

12th April Reopening

None of us like rules, but there are some that we need to follow when the Schooner reopens on 12th April.

But, to allow us to reopen, there are some rules we all need to follow.

We’ll update this information in line with official guidance.

Opening/closing times

We’ll open at 11am every day. On busy evenings, we’ll be open until 11pm, closing slightly earlier when we’re less busy.

Outdoor service

We can only serve outdoors, to customers who are seated. We must take orders at tables. Drinks can’t be ordered or collected from the bar. To keep things simple, we’ll take payment, either by card or cash, outside too.

Test & Trace check-in

We ask that everyone eating or drinking at the Schooner uses the NHS COVID-19 app. Every member of a group needs to check-in and it’ll really help us if you use the app. If you don’t have the app, we’ll need to ask you to give your name and your contact number. We can’t serve anyone who doesn’t check-in.

If you’re collecting a takeaway, you don’t need to check-in.

Social distancing and groups

Our tables and chairs are arranged in line with social distancing rules. Please don’t move them or form large groups.

Booking a table

We’re not taking table bookings for outdoor service, so tables will be taken on a first come basis. We have two beer gardens, with seating for around 80 people.

We don’t yet have approval to use any part of the pavement or road outside the pub. That means that customers shouldn’t stand on the road with drinks. However, we do hope to gain approval in the near future to have tables on part of the road.

Takeaway drinks

Takeaway drinks will be available. We have our world famous Schooner two-pint milk bottles, as well as new four-pint bottles. Takeaway customers can order and pay outside the pub.

Social distancing rules must be observed while queueing outside the pub.

Takeaway drinks must not be consumed in the pub or on the highway outside the pub.

Takeaway food

Schooner takeaway food will continue to be available when the Schooner reopens, seven days a week, but we’ll have a break 12-17 April.

Sunday lunch

Until we can open for indoor service, our Sunday lunch menu is available on a takeaway basis. If you’re using our outdoor seating, you can still order roast sandwiches.

12th April

A lot of people have asked whether we’ll be opening our outside spaces on 12th April.

We’re waiting for a decision from Gateshead Council as to what outside space we can use, and also more detailed guidance about outdoor service. When we know more, we’ll decide whether we’ll take bookings or serve on a first come basis.

As soon as we know more, we’ll post on our webpage and Social Media.

But we will be opening.

Lockdown III

We’ll, we’ve quickly moved through Tiers 2, 3, 4 and now we’re into a third national lockdown. Sadly, there are further restrictions on pubs.

While in lockdown, we can only sell alcohol for delivery.

But we’ll deliver draught beer and real ale in world famous Schooner two pint milk bottles. We’ve also some great takeaway drinks deals – why not support the local economy and order from an independent local business like the Schooner rather than buy from a supermarket?

We also deliver great value food at sensible prices; always with free delivery.


At the Schooner, we’ve always offered bread pub food to take away. But, before the first national COVID lockdown, we’d really only done this on request.

However, when we closed on 20 March, we moved to a full takeaway service, with both collection and delivery. We extended this to drinks too.

To be honest, takeaways kept the pub going through that first, long, lockdown. Faced with a new lockdown, we’re moving back into the takeaway business.

There’s a change in Regulations this time around, so we can only accept pre-orders. You can order food or drink by calling 01914777404, or you can click and collect. Collection is from outside the pub, since the new Regulations prevent entry to the building.

If you can’t collect, we deliver free.

Lockdown II

The new, second, national lockdown from 4 November, means that we need to cancel live music after Tonight.

We want to go into lockdown in style, though, so we’ve brought forward a couple of planned gigs. Last night, we had the amazing Jonny Boyle.

And this evening, the incredible Tony Bengtsson will end six nights of live music with a great original, acoustic set.

Help us keep live music at the Schooner

Breakfast Club will be live at the Schooner tonight at seven. The gig is ticket only and all tickets have been taken.

Space is very limited, with the stage area available only to ticket holders.

The pub and its customers cannot use the road area outside the pub due to a Gateshead Council prohibition order. We ask customers to respect this.

A lot of indoor tables have been booked. There will still be some space inside the pub, but when we’re full, we’ll be asking people to leave the area.

That doesn’t mean that everyone can’t enjoy the Breakfast Club. We still sell beer in containers to take away and we have a beautiful stretch of riverbank and a grassed area within a very short distance.

We don’t like to impose rules, but we do care about everyone’s safety. We also want to keep live music at the Schooner.

So we’ll keep things simple. If you don’t have a ticket for the band at the outdoor stage, or a seat indoors, we need you to use the Schooner’s lockdown unofficial beer garden. Not sure where that is? Just ask, or follow someone carrying a world famous Schooner milk bottle.

Help us keep live music at the Schooner by respecting our request.

Live music at the Schooner

We’ve received confirmation from Gateshead Council that live music can go ahead at the Schooner.

We’re operating at reduced capacity, but all advertised gigs will go ahead as planned.

Acoustic Friday gigs will be unticketed and on a first come basis. We can use only the stage seating area and, as usual, social distancing rules will apply.

All Saturday and Sunday gigs will be ticketed and there can be no entry without a ticket.

Obviously, we’ve seating inside the pub, but there’s no standing room for health reasons.

The highway outside the pub and land opposite the pub cannot be used by the pub or its customers. We’re seeking the appropriate permission, but there’s no certainty of this being granted. We ask customers to respect this Council decision.