The Great British Beer Festival …

… at your local. We’ll have beer and pies. And live music.

In collaboration with Northern Alchemy’s THE LAB, we’re holding a beer, pie and music festival, starting Friday 30th July. Between the two bars, we’ll have 10 cask ales and hand crafted pies from Pitman’s, voted the UK’s number 1. We’ll also have a selection of vegan pies from Magpye.

Live music Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

12th April Reopening

None of us like rules, but there are some that we need to follow when the Schooner reopens on 12th April.

But, to allow us to reopen, there are some rules we all need to follow.

We’ll update this information in line with official guidance.

Opening/closing times

We’ll open at 11am every day. On busy evenings, we’ll be open until 11pm, closing slightly earlier when we’re less busy.

Outdoor service

We can only serve outdoors, to customers who are seated. We must take orders at tables. Drinks can’t be ordered or collected from the bar. To keep things simple, we’ll take payment, either by card or cash, outside too.

Test & Trace check-in

We ask that everyone eating or drinking at the Schooner uses the NHS COVID-19 app. Every member of a group needs to check-in and it’ll really help us if you use the app. If you don’t have the app, we’ll need to ask you to give your name and your contact number. We can’t serve anyone who doesn’t check-in.

If you’re collecting a takeaway, you don’t need to check-in.

Social distancing and groups

Our tables and chairs are arranged in line with social distancing rules. Please don’t move them or form large groups.

Booking a table

We’re not taking table bookings for outdoor service, so tables will be taken on a first come basis. We have two beer gardens, with seating for around 80 people.

We don’t yet have approval to use any part of the pavement or road outside the pub. That means that customers shouldn’t stand on the road with drinks. However, we do hope to gain approval in the near future to have tables on part of the road.

Takeaway drinks

Takeaway drinks will be available. We have our world famous Schooner two-pint milk bottles, as well as new four-pint bottles. Takeaway customers can order and pay outside the pub.

Social distancing rules must be observed while queueing outside the pub.

Takeaway drinks must not be consumed in the pub or on the highway outside the pub.

Takeaway food

Schooner takeaway food will continue to be available when the Schooner reopens, seven days a week, but we’ll have a break 12-17 April.

Sunday lunch

Until we can open for indoor service, our Sunday lunch menu is available on a takeaway basis. If you’re using our outdoor seating, you can still order roast sandwiches.

We’re back!

Well, our reopening weekend went really well. It was great to see both our valued regulars who’d stuck with our takeaway service and new customers who’ve discovered us during lockdown.

Without you, we wouldn’t still be here.

We’ll continue with takeaways, both food and drinks. Our new menu is available to eat in or take away.

The world famous Schooner two pint milk bottles are here to stay.

Vegetarian and Vegan pies

We should say that we have vegetarian and vegan pies for our pie and ale festival. Our vegan pies are quite delicious, from Little Green. And, of course, we have a selection of unfined, vegan friendly ales. Our premium draught beer is actually all vegan too.

The Schooner Pie & Ale Festival

The Schooner Pie & Ale Festival starts this Thursday, 5th December. The festival runs to the 8th and we’ll have live music from Ed Tudor Pole, the Straits, Nutopians and Michael Rolf.

On cask, we’ll have:

Tiny Rebel – Pump up the Jam 5%

Brass Castle – Burnout 4.9%

Brew York – Hurley 4.9%

Great Heck – Black Jesus 6.5%

Moor – Nor’Hop

Atom – Shrodinger’s Cat 3.5%

Great Heck – Dave 3.8%

Thornbridge – Astryd 3.8%

Bristol Beer Factory – Beam Me Up 4.2%

Elusive – Level Up 5%

Tiny Rebel – Juicy 4.8%

Moor – Envy 4.2%

Flashouse – Mint Chocolate Porter 5%

Darwin – Jaffa Jolt 5%

Northeern Alchemy – Dry Hopped Farmhouse Pale 4.9%

Craft Cider:

Pure North – Sweet Union 5.5%

Celtic Marches – Slightly Foxed (Mango) 4%

Hallets – Blindfold 6%

Cans & bottles from:



Samuel Smiths


Box Social

Brew York


And, of course, a large range of pies; served with mash, peas and gravy:

Cheese, Onion & Haggis

Minty Lamb

Mince & Onion

Mince & Mushy Peas

Cheese & Onion V

Cheese & Garlic V

Spicy Chicken Popper

Sausage & Bean Melt

Chicken Korma

Chicken Madras

Chicken Balti

Chicken & Chorizo

Chicken Vindaloo

Christmas Pie

Butter Chicken & Cous Cous

Chip Shop Curry

Chicken, Bacon & Leek

Corned Beef

Corned Beef & Bean

Ham & Egg

Sweet & Sour Chicken

King Po Chicken

Satay Chicken





Luxury Shepherd Pie

Pie & Ale Festival

Our long awaited Pie & Ale festival gets under way next Thursday, 5th December. Four days of great, freshly made gourmet pies, a large range of cask ales, craft cider and live music.

Watch this space for more information about the variety of pies and ales available.