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Sunday 23rd August

A change to our planned live music this Sunday.

We’ve an acoustic set from Acoustic Outlaw, Ian Cockburn.

A regular performer at the Schooner, Ian will play on the outdoor stage around 17:45.

Since this is an acoustic gig, it’s not ticketed.

DJs, XSLF, Beyond Madness

Tickets for our DJ event and the XSLF and Beyond Madness gigs will be released this Sunday at 9:00.

We don’t usually charge for tickets, but there’ll be a £5 ticket price for the XSLF gig.

Watch this space for news about tickets for The Loft Boys, Acoustic Weller and Nutopians

Help us keep live music at the Schooner

Breakfast Club will be live at the Schooner tonight at seven. The gig is ticket only and all tickets have been taken.

Space is very limited, with the stage area available only to ticket holders.

The pub and its customers cannot use the road area outside the pub due to a Gateshead Council prohibition order. We ask customers to respect this.

A lot of indoor tables have been booked. There will still be some space inside the pub, but when we’re full, we’ll be asking people to leave the area.

That doesn’t mean that everyone can’t enjoy the Breakfast Club. We still sell beer in containers to take away and we have a beautiful stretch of riverbank and a grassed area within a very short distance.

We don’t like to impose rules, but we do care about everyone’s safety. We also want to keep live music at the Schooner.

So we’ll keep things simple. If you don’t have a ticket for the band at the outdoor stage, or a seat indoors, we need you to use the Schooner’s lockdown unofficial beer garden. Not sure where that is? Just ask, or follow someone carrying a world famous Schooner milk bottle.

Help us keep live music at the Schooner by respecting our request.

Live music at the Schooner

We’ve received confirmation from Gateshead Council that live music can go ahead at the Schooner.

We’re operating at reduced capacity, but all advertised gigs will go ahead as planned.

Acoustic Friday gigs will be unticketed and on a first come basis. We can use only the stage seating area and, as usual, social distancing rules will apply.

All Saturday and Sunday gigs will be ticketed and there can be no entry without a ticket.

Obviously, we’ve seating inside the pub, but there’s no standing room for health reasons.

The highway outside the pub and land opposite the pub cannot be used by the pub or its customers. We’re seeking the appropriate permission, but there’s no certainty of this being granted. We ask customers to respect this Council decision.

Live music at the Schooner

We’re overwhelmed by the amount of support we’ve received from people far and wide.

Live music is as important to us as it is to you. We’re committed to having live gigs at least three days a week, subject to approval from Gateshead Council. We expect that decision today.

Our stage area has a capacity of around 66 with social distancing, possibly a little more, but we’re being cautious.

Gateshead Council have prevented us from using the outdoor space opposite the pub, traditionally used for seating and standing during gigs. The area is not considered to be ‘designated highway’, so we’re not able to take advantage of using that space any longer. We simply don’t have the pavement space that some bars and cafes are able to use.

So we ask that people don’t try to use the public highway by the pub. Acoustic Fridays aren’t ticketed, so are on a first come basis. All other gigs are, regrettably, ticket only.

During lockdown, many people used to buy takeaway food and beer to take to the banks of the Tyne. As we’ve recently been told by a (small) number of people, our gigs can be heard many miles away, so if you’d like to enjoy the music from the Schooner’s unofficial beer garden, we have some great beer in world famous Schooner milk bottles.

Why not try our great new beer, Noise Travels; it’s brewed specially for milk bottles.

Thanks again to everyone.

Breakfast Club tickets

We’re awaiting approval from Gateshead Council for live music this weekend. Assuming that we’ll be granted permission, we’ll have reduced capacity because we’re no longer able to use the area opposite the pub for seating/standing.

This means that the Breakfast Club gig this Saturday will be ticketed. Free, of course.

Get your ticket HERE.

Because space will be limited, only ticket holders will be allowed access to the stage area. Unfortunately, due to Council restrictions, there will be no opportunity to view from the public highway or the land opposite the pub.

There’ll still be seating inside the pub, although there’s no standing space. We must stress that there’s no external seating other than the ticketed stage area. This is a Council restriction.

For anyone who’d like to listen to the gig from the Schooner’s unofficial beer garden by the Tyne, we still sell drinks in world famous Schooner two pint milk bottles.

Thanks to all Schooner customers for sticking with us through difficult times.

Noise travels

At the Schooner, we’ve taken care to adhere to social distancing, whether daily pub life, Sunday lunches, or live music events. We take pictures at every gig to show that distancing is being maintained. We aren’t posting these here because that could invade the privacy of anyone caught in the frame. However, we’re happy to blur faces and share images on request.

It’s probably common knowledge that complaints have been made by a small number of residents from across the Tyne in St Peter’s Basin. This isn’t new; previous landlords had the same problem. But we do take complaints seriously; after all, we’re in the business of making people happy, not miserable. We’re working with a specialist team to try to reduce the degree of noise that reaches our neighbours across the Tyne. That includes some pretty expensive work to our stage area. We’re an independant pub, without the large bank balance of a chain, so we think this shows that we genuinely want to help. We’re nice people, after all.

We’ve monitored sound levels recently. At The Kill‘s gig on Saturday, and 1977s on Sunday (respectively), we found that both were pretty loud by the stage area.

But, while the music could be heard at St Peter’s Basin, noise levels were as below on both nights. We have a video of Saturday’s sound level check if anyone would like to see it.

At the weekend, we saw someone taking pictures at a gig. They appeared to be taking pictures from angles which would give the imprression that social distancing was not being observed. They then used one of their images to support a complaint to Gateshead Council. Needless to say, the scene in that image isn’t reflected in our own pictures.

We have, of course, provided Gateshead Council with our pictures. Meanwhile, we have some additional conditions that we need to meet to continue with live music. We should stress that these aren’t related to complaints about noise levels.

We’re doing our best to get some changes in place to meet these conditions, but that might not be possible before our next planned gig on Friday. If we’re sucessful, we’ll have live outdoor gigs this weekend. If things take a little longer than we’d like, we’ll need to reschedule these bands.

We’ll also probably be moving towards ticketing. At minimal or nil cost, naturally. We’ll update here tomorrow.

Meanwhile, we have a new ale, coming soon on cask.

Another great week ahead

This week’s line-up:

Wednesday 29th Schooner quiz night. Not just a quiz, but a Schooner quiz. Whether you’re a serious quizzer, or just want to have fun, this is the quiz for you.

Friday 31st The fabulous Michael Rolf returns to the Schooner for an acoustic set. Expect coolness and surprises. Starts around 19:00.

Saturday 1st @ 19:00, Breakfast Club; the best in 80s music, with a huge range of material. We’d advise arriving early because this gig is going to be very popular. You really don’t want to miss this band.

Sunday 2nd The Understudies, by far the best cover band in the Northeast. The gig starts around 5:45.

Next week, we have The Whodlums, Rigid Digits and We Are Chamption – and more.