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Both kitchen and bar checks need to be done every day. The Council can ask to see them, or parts of them, in any visit. If anything’s missing, this could affect our rating.

The checks aren’t set in stone though; they can be changed to suit the pub as long as they continue to meet legal requirements.

For the kitchen, Gateshead Council expect us to follow the Safer Food Better Business approach. There’s more information here, but basic guidance and templates are saved in Google Docs.

Online menu/ordering

Access the menu(s) through the pub’s website admin. The username’s and the password is SouthShoreRoadNE8. Select Menu-Ordering-Reservations from the top left hand of the options. Then Insert the menu. We use Gloriafood for online ordering. You can also login at their website. This bypasses the Schooner website; the username is and the password is SouthShoreRoadNE8. Any changes to the menu, or drinks, need to be updated as soon as possible.

As well as updating the Gloriafood system menu, images of menus need to be uploaded to the pub’s webpage. The first step is to edit the menu in LibreOffice (either on the laptop or the desktop PC in the office). After saving the document, export it as a JPG. This can then be uploaded to the webpage. To do this, log in to the webpage and select pages from the left hand side menu. Then select the appropriate page (eg Sunday), delete any outdated menu image and upload the new one. The JPG images also need to be added to the Menu section in Facebook. This is important for the Sunday lunch menu because it changes every week.

Online payments

The pub doesn’t use online payments; just cash on delivery, payment on collection or call back to take payment. However, if needed, payments can be turned on. The pub’s registed with Woocommerce and Stripe. There’s a small charge for payments through Stripe. Woocommerce can be accessed by logging in to the pub webpage and selecting Woocommerce from the left hand menu. If online payment isn’t needed, there’s no need to activate it.


The pub uses WordPress to update the webpage. To make changes to any of the content/pages, access the pub’s website admin. The username’s and the password is SouthShoreRoadNE8.

The pub’s website is hosted by LCN and supported by Lynn Conley ( Hosting is on a two-yearly basis. Lynn will contact when payment is due or any maintenance is needed.

WordPress is easy to use; blocks of text, or images, can be deleted, updated, or added. If you add a page, you need to decide whether it needs to be added to the menu on the home page. Not all of the pages are accessed through the menu, but through links on another page (to keep the menu clean and simple). Take care to keep the same style of writing.

There’s a What’s Happening page for posts. Posts can be added through the WordPress Dashboard. There’s a WordPress phone app, but for some reason it won’t connect to our webpage.

Sunday Menu

The Sunday lunch menu needs to be published as early as possible every week. To do this:

  1. Update the most recent Sunday menu in Google Docs
  2. Download as an .ODT file and save it in the menu folder on the office PC and print ready to use on the Sunday
  3. Export as a JPG and save in the website folder
  4. Log in to WordPress, select pages from the left hand menu
  5. Select Edit for the Sunday Lunch page
  6. Select last week’s menu image and delete it
  7. Upload the new menu JPG

Gig Listings

There’s a Live Music page on the website. This is a simple list in reverse date order. New bookings need to be added to the list to keep the page up to date. To update the page, just log in to WordPress.


The pub’s email addresses and passwords are:   Sch00n3r101!!   Sch00n3r102!!   Sch00n3r103!!  Sch00n3r104!!
Instructions for email setup are here.

Guest rooms

The pub uses AirBnB to advertise and book rooms. AirBnB works best by logging-in using a browser, where room listings can be updated. Where a booking has been made by phone or word of mouth, it’s important to block those dates in the AirBnB calendar to prevent a duplicate booking. The AirBnB username is and the password is SouthShoreRoadNE8. When a booking is made through AirBnB, the pub is notified by email, so email should be checked every day.


Milk Bottles

Order from User name is and password is SouthShoreRoadNE8.

Eventbrite Ticketing

Free online ticketing, used where numbers need to be controlled. The Eventbrite username is and the password is SouthShoreRoadNE8.

Before a ticketed event, an attendee list should be exported/printed to check against customer printed tickets.

Google Docs/Sheets

Useful to create or update documents and spreadsheets when away from a computer. Anyone with the login details can access. Log-in using a browser or download the Docs and Sheets apps. The username is and the password is SouthShoreRoadNE8.

To print a document, or share it from a mobile phone, send a copy (as an ODF file) by email to, then access it using the desktop PC in the office. Similarly, a file can be shared using a text or Whatsapp message (best to use PDF format).


The Deliveroo menu can be edited in line with pub menu changes. Log on to the Deliveroo hub, user name, password @SchoonerNE8.

Recycled Oil

Whenever used oil’s taken away to be recycled, we’ll receive an email from Olleco. We’re required to save the invoice attached to the email. The PC in the office has a folder to save the invoices to. The Council can ask to see evidence of responsible oil recycling during an inspection.

Risk Assessments

The general risk assessment is held in Google Docs. It needs to be reviewed annually, or if there are any changes to the way the pub works or to the building. A paper copy needs to be kept with the refusals log and other paperwork.

Training Record

There’s a training record in Google Docs. Any training needs to be logged there and a paper copy kept with the risk assessment and other paperwork.

Keeping this page up-to-date

To update this page, log in to WordPress and select the page ‘Schooner Admin’.