Supernatural happenings

After a few years of speculation, the question as to whether the Schooner has any other worldly residents may have been answered. Last night, Les Corney visited the pub, with his dog Shay. Les is a well known clairvoyant who’s appearen on numerous stage shows, a French TV series and MTV’s Charlotte Crosby show.

Les spent a few hours in the Schooner. He found no presence or energy in the bar itself, instead finding that the bar was welcoming and warm. Things changed when Les and Shay explored the rooms upstairs. On several occasions, Shay was visibly uncomfortable when climbing the stairs, preferring to remain on the ground floor. It was easy to jump to the conclusion that Shay had picked up the scent of some of the regular canine visitors to the pub. That would have been the case, of course, but she very clearly didn’t want to go upstairs.

Les set up his equipment, which involved sensors to detect any movement. He took short recordings at various points in his stay; we’ll add these soon.

After a while, Les detected a presence in the largest room, but this quickly disappeared. The same presence was then observed in the small, unused room. This room isn’t comfortable for a lot of people; it’s cold and dark. This observation was witnessed by one of our team, with the entity visible behind Les at one point. It then disappeared again.

Les was certain that this presence was a child. Les’s equipment confirmed this, with the capture of a video of figure of around four feet tall.

Soon after, one of the sensors on the landing, outside the room, was triggered – even though no one was near it at the time. Les used an App on his phone to detect any electromagnetic force (EMF), or energy from any entity. This soon detected a presence, with the energy being converted into sound by the App. There was a sound, a voice. This wasn’t clear, but the App associates the most relevant words to the sound. The first words were So sorry Harriet.

These were followed by others. We’ll not put the full text here in case any future investigators are influenced.

However, there was more that we can talk about. Some time later, Les found activity in the remaining room, visible at the front, right hand side of the pub.

With the aid of Les’s equipment, two entities were visible in the room; the one already seen and a smaller one. Here’s a screenshot.

Later, Les was able to confirm that both were children; Zachary and Harriet. He assures us that these entities are simply residual energy and, as such, aren’t manevolent.

There was a lot more to Les’s visit and we learned some important clues as to the pub’s past history. Other, more modern, names (Lynn and Trevor) were encountered, although no other presences were found. Perhaps these were more recent landlords, residents or customers.

Les’s experiences can be found on Instagram. He can be found under Halo Dimensions. We may write about this again.