12th April

A lot of people have asked whether we’ll be opening our outside spaces on 12th April.

We’re waiting for a decision from Gateshead Council as to what outside space we can use, and also more detailed guidance about outdoor service. When we know more, we’ll decide whether we’ll take bookings or serve on a first come basis.

As soon as we know more, we’ll post on our webpage and Social Media.

But we will be opening.

Short Sleeve Social

Miss the pub? You can now support your favourite pub (it doesn’t have to be us) by buying a cool T-shirt.

Your favourite pub gets a fiver when you buy a shirt. Take a look at the Short Sleeve Social website. Use code SCHOONER20 for 20% off,


Why wait for next month’s national pie week? This week, you can have the full pie experience from the Schooner.

Choose from Leek and Potato in a cream sauce, Lamb with mint gravy, Chicken Vindaloo, or Lean steak and blue cheese. Any two with four pints of your choice of beer or cider for just £20.

All week. Free delivery as standard.

The Alien Burger

In common with many people, we’ve found that lockdown has affected our rational thought processes. While tweaking the Schooner’s new menu yesterday, close to a box of Space Raiders (pickled onion flavour, naturally), we were inspired by the tasty product.

And, so, the Alien Burger was born. Chicken breast marinated in pickle juice, fried in pickled onion flavour Space Raider crumbs, served with southern fried chips, spicy coleslaw and, of course, Space Raiders.

It’s technically on our new menu from Monday, but it’s so good we need to share it right away.

Lockdown III

We’ll, we’ve quickly moved through Tiers 2, 3, 4 and now we’re into a third national lockdown. Sadly, there are further restrictions on pubs.

While in lockdown, we can only sell alcohol for delivery.

But we’ll deliver draught beer and real ale in world famous Schooner two pint milk bottles. We’ve also some great takeaway drinks deals – why not support the local economy and order from an independent local business like the Schooner rather than buy from a supermarket?

We also deliver great value food at sensible prices; always with free delivery.

The Christmas Burger

The Schooner special Christmas burger; available to take away 7th – 23rd December.

A burger, with homemade stuffing, squashed pigs in blankets, brie, cranberry sauce and, on request, a sprout. Served in a gravy-dipped bun, with hand-cut chunky chips.

A beast of a festive burger for just £10.