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12th April Reopening

None of us like rules, but there are some that we need to follow when the Schooner reopens on 12th April.

But, to allow us to reopen, there are some rules we all need to follow.

We’ll update this information in line with official guidance.

Outdoor service

We can only serve outdoors, to customers who are seated. We must take orders at tables. Drinks can’t be ordered or collected from the bar. To keep things simple, we’ll take payment, either by card or cash, outside too.

Test & Trace check-in

We ask that everyone eating or drinking at the Schooner uses the NHS COVID-19 app. Every member of a group needs to check-in and it’ll really help us if you use the app. If you don’t have the app, we’ll need to ask you to give your name and your contact number. We can’t serve anyone who doesn’t check-in.

If you’re collecting a takeaway, you don’t need to check-in.

Booking a table

We’re not taking table bookings for outdoor service, so tables will be taken on a first come basis. We have two beer gardens, with seating for around 80 people, but if all tables are taken we’ll serve takeaway drinks in world famous Schooner two pint milk bottles.

Takeaway customers may wish to enjoy their drinks in the scenic surroundings of the banks of the Tyne, while they wait for a free table.

We don’t yet have approval to use any part of the pavement or road outside the pub. That means that customers shouldn’t stand on the road with drinks. However, we do hope to gain approval in the near future to have tables on part of the road.

Takeaway drinks

Takeaway drinks will be available. We have our world famous Schooner two-pint milk bottles, as well as new four-pint bottles. Takeaway customers can order and pay outside the pub.

Social distancing rules must be observed while queueing outside the pub.

Takeaway drinks must not be consumed in the pub or on the highway outside the pub.

Takeaway food

Schooner takeaway food will continue to be available when the Schooner reopens, seven days a week, but we’ll have a break 12-17 April.

12th April update

In line with the current guidance, we’ll reopen on 12th April with outdoor table service. Social distancing will be observed.

Our understanding of the guidance is that we can only take orders from and serve customers seated at a table.

We’ll have seating for over 80 people in our new beer gardens. Tables will be available on a first come basis, so we won’t be taking bookings.

At busy times, if there’re no free tables, drinks will be available to take away in world famous Schooner two and four pint milk bottles to enjoy by the Tyne.

We’re in discussion with Gateshead Council about use of part of the Highway outside the pub, but it’s not clear whether we’ll have approval by reopening.

We’ll post updates when we know more. We’re looking forward to seeing you, it’s been a long time

12th April

A lot of people have asked whether we’ll be opening our outside spaces on 12th April.

We’re waiting for a decision from Gateshead Council as to what outside space we can use, and also more detailed guidance about outdoor service. When we know more, we’ll decide whether we’ll take bookings or serve on a first come basis.

As soon as we know more, we’ll post on our webpage and Social Media.

But we will be opening.

Short Sleeve Social

Miss the pub? You can now support your favourite pub (it doesn’t have to be us) by buying a cool T-shirt.

Your favourite pub gets a fiver when you buy a shirt. Take a look at the Short Sleeve Social website. Use code SCHOONER20 for 20% off,


Why wait for next month’s national pie week? This week, you can have the full pie experience from the Schooner.

Choose from Leek and Potato in a cream sauce, Lamb with mint gravy, Chicken Vindaloo, or Lean steak and blue cheese. Any two with four pints of your choice of beer or cider for just £20.

All week. Free delivery as standard.

The Alien Burger

In common with many people, we’ve found that lockdown has affected our rational thought processes. While tweaking the Schooner’s new menu yesterday, close to a box of Space Raiders (pickled onion flavour, naturally), we were inspired by the tasty product.

And, so, the Alien Burger was born. Chicken breast marinated in pickle juice, fried in pickled onion flavour Space Raider crumbs, served with southern fried chips, spicy coleslaw and, of course, Space Raiders.

It’s technically on our new menu from Monday, but it’s so good we need to share it right away.